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Virtual 3d Gallery

Featuring 45 oil paintings & pencil drawingsTRANSFORMATIONS” takes the viewer on a kaleidoscopic vision of
alternative realities, metamorphosis & transformation.

Paul Kingsley Squire
London based Artist, painter and draughtsman

He harnesses central themes of metamorphosis and transformation to create a range of different works: from digital on plexiglass to pencil on paper to oil on canvas.

Across each medium, Squire's artistic signature retains a consistent ethereal quality, and boasts polish and thoughtfulness that allows ideas of psychology, nature and consciousness to be pondered by each viewer.

Sketch for survival logo
2020 Sketch For Survival Wildlife & Wild Spaces Auction, an annual event raising funds for front line conservation projects worldwide.

I'm pleased to say that my drawing of a Sumatran Tiger combined with it's environment was sold for £280 and received 13 bids.

This years auction was obviously affected by the COVID pandemic and the exhibition usually tours around the UK including venues The Royal Geographical Society and Olympia in London. However the charity did a great job with a virtual 3d exhibtion and fantastic online publicity.

Explorers Against Extinction is a wildlife conservation campaign organised by registered UK charity the Real World Conservation Trust (UK charity No 1177505).

The primary aims of the campaign are to raise awareness about the threats facing the world’s most iconic species and their habitats while also raising significant funds for nominated projects pivotal in the battle to protect them.

Contemporary Art in the UK
by British artist, painter and draughtsman 
Paul Kingsley Squire