We Are the New Gods | METAMORPHICA

*This video contains flashing images
We Are The New Gods is a mix of live instruments and electronica
Written and arranged by: Paul Kingsley Squire
Performed by: Paul Kingsley Squire & Mark Brocklesby
Female Vox by Kaya
Produced by: Paul Kingsley Squire & Mark Brocklesby
Recording & Mix engineer: Mark Brocklesby
Assistant engineer: Josh Diamond
Executive producers: BigSmoke studios, London UK
Visuals and video edit by Paul Kingsley Squire.

In the winter of 2016 I met Mark Brocklesby at his North London music studio Big Smoke Studios

Mastering at Metropolis studios
Mastering at Metropolis studios

We hit off straight away and I decided to play Mark some ‘sketches’ of music tracks that I’d been working on in Logic on my laptop. He really liked them and so we decided to develop these tracks, adding live instruments to the electronica, including drums played by Mark himself and well, me on pretty much everything else ! We also asked the wonderful Kaya to add some of her beautiful vocals and hey presto…

I’ve used METAMORPHICA for the project title as I think it describes the music well and ties in with the imagery in the METAMORPHICA & Danse Macabre collection…

I’ve put together this video to give a visual reference when listening but this might not be the final result. I’m currently working on a video for the next track “Illuminated” which will be ready real soon,

Thanks for watching / listening !