Surreal oil paintings by Paul Kingsley Squire
Natura Forma
This series of surreal oil paintings explores the embodiment of nature through human and animal forms.
Abstract landscape oil paintings
The World Beyond
Using the landscape as a metaphor, these oil on canvas works, take the viewer on a journey through swirling mists, organic forms and iridescent skies.
Surreal fantasy oil paintings
Weaving together themes of mythology, science fiction, esoterica and the occult, into old master inspired fantasy dreamscapes.
Abstracted figurative oil paintings
Gazing Into Eternity
These oil paintings symbolise the human as landscape, connected through the apparitions of mythological goddesses.

Old master Inspired Fantasy Oil Paintings
Exiles In Eden
Incorporating animal human hybrid creatures and surreal figurative apparitions, these oil on canvas works, symbolise Pauls interest in a wide range of Western and non-Western mystical and esoteric traditions.

Surreal fantasy oil paintings
The Mechanical Paradise
Conceived as a reflection to the significance to the times we are living in “The Mechanical Paradise” is a series of oil paintings that symbolically combine ancient myths with the ongoing integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into contemporary life.
Pencil drawings by London based artist
Pencil Drawings
A series of intricate pencil drawings including the series "Human Nature", "Animal Nature", "Elementals' and mystical "Orbs". 

Anthropomorphic art
Created with a digital pen & tablet, and drawing inspiration from mythology and symbolism, these animal headed hybrids and dead beat fashionistas mix humans with paganistic totemism and skeletal decadence, resulting in a highly stylised ultra modern icon.
Spacetours 3000 digital artwork by Paul Kingsley Squire
Spacetours 3000
In the year 3000 AD mankind started exploring the galaxies surrounding the Milky Way.

What they found was quite a trip !

"SPACETOURS 3000" journeys into outer space, meeting the strange inhabitants of a universe teeming with life.  
Hecatia planet - from the Aether Worlds series
The paintings in the “Aether Worlds” series evolved into another collection, derived from photos of the works.

All of the planets are named loosely after classical mythology, forming an imaginary solar system of nine inner and outer planets.