Vanguard – Retro science fiction inspired oil paintings – early 2021

With all the world is going through, dark conspiracy theories and predictions abound and there is more than a hint of apocalyptic thinking in the air.

I mean how bad can it get ? A zombie apocalypse ? An alien invasion ? The enslavement of humanity by the Archons ???

In some ways I have come full circle with these works giving full vent to my love of those early artistic influences such as Frank Frazetta and Roger Dean. Yes, these works can be viewed as pure fantasy - science fiction pictures. I would hope, however, that the “Vanguard” series is viewed symbollically.

We are all called to overcome the fear of personal inner demons and to literally fight for a better future. This can only ever be achieved by not only conquering our own nightmares but directing our energies to the outer world and coming together to create solutions.

This series used ‘live” models for the main poses and the monsters, aliens and zombies were of course added from imagination (as they are rather hard to find in reality!) although photographic references were used for the Iguanas.

The photos show some of the underpainting process from initial sketch on the canvas to outlining, blocking in and finally layering with colour.