solo exhibition at Chrom Art Gallery, London 24th June - 4th July 2021
Transformations art exhibtion at Chrom Gallery, Dalston, London, 2021
A kaleidoscopic journey through alternative realities, metamorphosis & transformation.

Featuring oil paintings, pencil drawings and digitally hand drawn limited edition prints, the exhibition focuses on his portfolio from figurative works to abstract landscapes, each series drawing inspiration from mythology, science fiction and esotericism.

At the heart of these works is a contemporary and symbolic representation of transformation, relevant to the crazy times we are all living through.

From intricate pencil drawings, and works created with a digital pen and tablet, to the full scale oil paintings that use old master techniques, this exhibition marks an artistic personal journey.

Across each medium, his artistic style retains a consistent ethereal quality, and boasts polish and thoughtfulness that allows ideas of psychology, nature and consciousness to be pondered by each viewer.