" For me art and music have always served as a form of escape, towards a freedom of sorts. I am expressing an inner state of being, a yearning for other worlds and realities, whether through painting, digital art, drawing or music composition and I am led by an exploratory drive to just see what happens if I do this or that..."

London based artist Paul Kingsley Squire...

...is intrigued by themes of metamorphosis and transformation.

Completely self taught, Paul has created a diverse portfolio including abstract landscape oil paintings, portraits in oil, digital art created with a digital pen and tablet and intricate drawings.  
Paul Kingsley Squire in North London Artist Studio
In A Time Lapse | Oil on canvas | 92 x 122 cm


...Abstract landscape paintings which use thick layers of oil paint to create textures and depth. Paul is interested in how the medium of oil paint can be used to create effects and suggest forms within the painting itself.

These landscapes generate an otherworldly yet naturalistic image, leaving the subject open to interpretation. The intention is to create paintings using experimental techniques, producing work that is abstracted and expressionistic.

METAMORPHICA & The Danse Macabre...

...is an ongoing project drawing inspiration from mythology, symbolism, pop culture and contemporary fashion. These animal headed hybrids and dead beat fashionistas mix humans with paganistic totemism and skeletal decadence, resulting in a highly stylised ultra modern icon.

Using a digital pen & tablet, a framework is digitally drawn in exquisite detail and then meticulously coloured, to create the finished artwork. The completed pieces are each available as acrylic (perspex) and aluminium mounted prints, or archival Giclée prints which can be traditionally framed.

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Stay Cool - Digital artwork from the Metamorphica series by Paul Kingsley Squire
Human Nature 5 | Pencil on 200gsm paper | 42 x 59.4 cm

Human Nature...

...is an ongoing portfolio of pencil drawings and paintings exploring the interlinking relationship between natural landscapes and the human, combining detailed drawings of woods and trees within outlines of (mainly) female forms.

He has continued this technique to include new animals and a series of 'mystical' orb drawings.