Natura Forma Series

In the autumn / winter of 2022 I started the "Natura Forma" series, which further explores the embodiment of nature through human and animal forms.

The original pencil drawings of figures in the "Human Nature" series,  and animals such as "Albion" (pictured),  formed the basic concept of these new paintings.

I have been fascinated by this combination of natural landscapes and silhouettes for quite some time, but have recently felt the need to turn these ideas into full scale oil paintings.

After experimenting with a few different colour schemes for this series, I decided to go for a restricted range of blues, greens and occasional hints of cool pink for the initial works. 

This technique involves painting the background of the canvas with a gradient, and then applying the nature form on top. The trees and branches form the "body" of these figures and I do love how the gradient runs underneath...

I'll be adding more colour schemes, figures and animals as the series is developed during 2023...

Albion | Pencil on 200 gsm heavyweight paper | 42 x 59.4 cm | 2017
Natura Forma One - oil painting in the studio
Natura Forma Two - oil painting in the studio
Natura Forma Three - oil painting in the studio