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The Shock the New - 9 Songs 55 minutes
A new album of instrumental chillwave electronica, featuring laid back beats, funked up electro and rising arpeggios...written, recorded and produced entirely by Paul Kingsley Squire in the summer of 2018.

The Shock of the New is titled after the classic must have book on 20th century art by the late great art critic Robert Hughes.
1. The Mechanical Paradise
2. The Faces of Power
3. The Landscape of Pleasure
4. Trouble In Utopia
5. The Threshold of Liberty
6. The View From the Edge
7. Culture As Nature
8. The Future That Was
9. The Shock of the New
Just search for "Kinetic Alchemy" on all major music platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify etc to stream & download the full album...
"Faces of Power" from the KINETIC ALCHEMY album was used for "The Three Graces",

a collaboration between digital artist in residence Zac Eastwood Bloom, first artist, choreographer & daughter Maddy Squire, as part of Scottish Ballet's 2019 digital season...

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