Fusion IV @ the Cult House, 2018

Fusion IV - International Contemporary Art Exhibition ​celebrating the 4th Anniversary of The Cult House

Fusion IV

International Contemporary Art Exhibition
​celebrating the 4th Anniversary of

The Cult House

Every year we like to celebrate our anniversary presenting a selection of
new and established contemporary artists.

Be part of it! Join us in this great week! 

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Private View: 24 of April 6-9pm RSVP here
25 of April – 12am – 9pm *
26 of April – 12am – 9pm *
27 of April – 12am – 7pm
​28 of April – 11am – 9pm *

​* Special Events – see below

Abigail Phanggungfook
Afroditi Goulioumi
Anisha Samani
Annie Zamero
Ashima Kumar
Belinda Moore & Marc Craig
Brian Parker
Chewon Kim
Chris Alsop
Chris Holley
Daiane Medeiros
Daniel Pincham-Phipps
Emilia Kannosto
Fabrizio Acquista
Francis Charlton & Steve McCracken
Heidi Roschier
Ian Butcher
Joanna Pasynkiewicz
John Pothecary
Laura Pentzin
Leticia Faria
Linda Liipinski
Lizy Bending
Marcela Dorantes
Maria Linares
Marian Stanchev
Marnie Scarlet
Paul Deltic Finsbury Park
Paul Kingsley Squire
Pelin Yazar
Peter Norris
Rai Sousa
Regina Mello
Renata Sinclair
Rigulio Graak
Robert Thompson
Salvatore Battaglia
Sarah Morley
SooMin Leong
Stephen McGowan
Steve Calcutt
Susana Lopes Fernandes
Tamara Savchenko
Tone Stencil
Ziggy Jagger
Special Events:
​Coming soon
Candid Arts Trust
3-5 Torrens Street
London EC1V 1NQ