Feature in Circle Arts Winter Quarterly Review 2018

Great to have my pencil drawing “Human Nature 2” featured in the Circle Arts Winter Quarterly Review 2018:

Paul Kingsley Squire featured art in Circle arts magazine

Circle Quarterly Art Review by CFA Press An Examination of Current Trends and Original Practices in Visual Art

We examine work by 108 mid-career and established artists working in a variety of discipline and style. From sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, digital and mixed media we look at each work for its unique aesthetic as well as how it reflects upon current trends and practices in contemporary art. In compiling this diverse curated selection we aim at creating a narrative through both the commonalities between the artworks, but also the dissimilarities between each practice and each approach. The power of contemporary art springs from the diversity, the freedom and the openness it breathes. The beauty of art transpires from how unrestricted the artist is in creating content and how unconstrained the viewer is in contextualizing meaning