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Recent Work, News, Exhibitions & Events

Underpainting technique for "Vanguard at the Edge of Time"



Vanguard – Retro science fiction inspired oil paintings – early 2021

With all the world is going through, dark conspiracy theories and predictions abound and there is more than a hint of apocalyptic thinking in the air. I mean how bad can it get ? A zombie apocalypse ? An alien invasion ? The enslavement of humanity by the Archons ??? In some ways I have […]
Sumatran tiger pencil drawing by Paul Kingsley Squire



2020 Sketch For Survival Wildlife & Wild Spaces Auction

2020 Sketch For Survival Wildlife & Wild Spaces Auction, an annual event raising funds for front line conservation projects worldwide. I'm pleased to say that my drawing of a Sumatran Tiger combined with it's environment was sold for £280 and received 13 bids. This years auction was obviously affected by the COVID pandemic and the exhibition usually tours around the UK including venues The Royal Geographical Society and Olympia in London. However the charity did a great job with a virtual 3d exhibtion and fantastic online publicity.
Hecatia planet - from the Aether Worlds series



Aether Worlds – more paintings and planets

The Aether Worlds series has now developed into a total of 12 paintings and 18 planets...I find the use of oil paint to create different effects absolutely fascinating and the "Aether Worlds" series has given me a great "blank canvas" to work out methods using palette knives and the dynamic results that can be achieved... and a few brushes here and there.
Andromeda - detail



The Mechanical Paradise continued…

After the initial series of "The Mechanical Paradise", I continued this theme with new paintings "Andromeda" and "Terpischore". These paintings use a different design and layout, full figures integrated with the clockwork AI, within an interior cut off from the natural world that lies beyond.
Paul Kingsley Squire contemporary British Painter



The Mechanical Paradise

I initiated a new series of oil paintings, just as the London lockdown started in spring of 2020. "The Mechanical Paradise" uses techniques derived from the old masters to create these surreal faces, combining heads with elaborate clockwork mechanisms and AI.
Talented Art Fair 2020



The Talented art fair 2020 update…

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the Talented Art Fair at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane this weekend. I loved chatting to you about my work, and was kind of surprised that so many art lovers were there, especially under the current conditions !
Human Nature 7 - print on acrylic glass block



New prints of drawings on acrylic glass blocks

New prints of drawings on acrylic glass blocks. These freestanding Acrylic Blocks stand stably on any flat surface. The crystal clear acrylic gives the artwork an impressive 3D depth effect and doesn’t need any additional supports, stands or hardware.