Drawing featured in “The Curlew” periodical.

Paul Kingsley Squire featured in the Curlew periodical

My drawing “Albion” is featured in “The Curlew” periodical :


The curlew periodicalThe Curlew is a high-quality, non-profit, printed periodical dedicated to fine writing and illustration about the natural world and supporting conservation.

Each issue is named for a tree, and is a timeless collection of global creative excellence.

It is produced with considered thought, not dashed off in haste and chased with regret like most of today’s electronic communications – it is designed to be collected, not deleted and forgotten.

In The Curlew  we present ideas, emotions, imaginings – but most of all beauty. We want passion, images that make us smile or shiver, word pictures that stay with us and make us think. Writing and illustration that enrich our lives.

Sales of The Curlew benefit organizations and charities dedicated to protecting habitats, stopping wildlife trafficking and educating people worldwide about conservation and animal welfare.

Read more about the Curlew through their website : https://www.the-curlew.com

Paul Kingsley Squire featured in the Curlew periodical