The World – Present

The World Card Says: “You Are Stepping Into a New World”

The World Tarot card is the last of the Major Arcana cards, and it represents success. It talks of fulfilment and accomplishment.

You’ve arrived at a point of completion in your life. Whether you’ve found the love of your life or your dream job, The World card marks a cycle coming to a close with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

You are enjoying a sense of wholeness and harmony, where your outer world matches your inner world. It’s similar to the concept of nirvana or enlightenment. You have earned this over the course of your journey through the Major Arcana.

The World Tarot Card in the Present

Are you wondering if things are too good to be true? Are you worried that the blessings that are coming your way right now are not real? It’s not every day that people see their dreams actually manifest in real life, but that is exactly what is happening to you right now. Whether you’re marrying the love of your life or starting your first day of work at your dream job, The World card represents arriving at everything you have been working toward.

In the present position of a reading, it’s an indicator that things are coming to a natural and beneficial conclusion. Or that they already have. Use your success to help others – their viewpoints are an important part of the next stage in your life.

This card is associated with Earth and Saturn in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The World are:

  • Achievement
  • Goal
  • Accomplishment
  • End of a cycle
  • Completion