The Sun – Present

Upright, the Sun is a positive card wherever it falls in a reading. It represents optimism, success, joy and enthusiasm.

You are shining like the sun right now and success is following you in whatever you do! Your relationships are joyful, your career is fulfilling, and you’re enjoying recognition. Whatever aspect The Sun card represents in your reading, it will be positive and abundant.

You’re full of energy and optimism right now and the world is your oyster. This tarot card indicates that you are at your most powerful right now but in a healthy way.

In this, the present position of a reading, it indicates that you may be experiencing (or are about to experience) a really fortunate time in your life. It’s a time that will prepare you well for what is to come.

This time is helping, or will help you build solid and joyful foundations from which to move on with your life. You will feel at peace and confident.

This card is associated with Fire and Leo in a wider sense, and keywords that are associated with The Sun are:

  • Energy
  • Summer
  • Rewards
  • Joy
  • Life
  • Innocence