Art on a Postcard, November 2019

Art on a Postcard 2019

It was a real pleasure to take part in Art on a Postcard this year. They invite artists do donate – yep, Art on a postcard to raise money for the Hepatitis C charity.

Celaeno | Art on a Postcard | Oil painting

After the November auction I received this email from Chris who placed the winning bid on one of the little oil paintings “Celaeno”:


Hi Paul,

Am dropping you a note to say thank you for submitting ‘Celaeno’, for the The Hepatitis C Trust, Art on a Postcard auction.
In the auction I won Celaeno.
Had no idea who painted it or what it was about. But made me sit up and go Wow!
Have now received it and it is even more powerful in the flesh.
The guys in the office have been lingering round my desk to get a peep.
They too have a Wow reaction! (Even those that think art is a waste of money; Celaeno is awakening  something in their cold hard souls)
Am stunned at how much emotion you squeezed into such a small area.
Will be getting it on the wall just as soon as I pluck up the courage to tell the missus!
Anyway, thanks again.
Kindest regards

It’s so good to get feedback like this, and I really hope that Chris’ missus approved !